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Welcome on Taxi Toto website

Natives of the region, passionate about driving with millions of kilometres on the meter ...., our experience and especially our excellent local knowledge..., mean that we are more than a simple taxi, we offer our services as guide...!

Taxi Toto is equipped with 2 comfortable vehicles seating 7 or 8 people in the best conditions, whatever the journey, winter or summer.

For groups up to 15 passengers, Taxi Toto provides 2 vehicles equipped with luggage and ski trailers if required.

Taxi Toto is :

  • Urgent deliveries [to know more]
  • Keep your driving license! [to know more]
  • Vehicle repatriation [to know more]
  • Taxi for medical transport[to know more]
  • Vehicle registered with the French Social Security service [to know more]

    Taxi for all distances and transfers Savoie, Haute-Savoie, Isere, Geneva, Switzerland, Vallee de I'Arve...

    Always contactable by phonelavailable 24 hours! Book your taxi,

    Reserve your taxi on ligne, with Taxi Toto

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